Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions for Payments and Refunds
1. Enrolments are processed on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. Applications are 
acknowledged and processed upon receipt of full payment, or a letter of confirmation 
from a company. Applications without payment or a letter of confirmation from a 
company will not be processed. 
2. Fees are payable by installment (maximum of three)
3. When enrolling for more than one term, these terms must be consecutive. 
4. When enrolling, participants may pay the complete amount or pay in three 
installments by the date required, there is a small additional charge for this 
5. Where possible our courses are taught by the same tutor and at the same venue for all 
three terms. However, Deaf First reserves the right to change a tutor or venue. 
6. The Deaf First will not accept responsibility for unforeseen changes in a participant’s
circumstances that may prevent attendance. Deaf First will consider exceptional 
circumstances case by case, as per the Refund Policy. 
7. Classes falling on Bank Holidays in the spring term will be cancelled. To replace 
these cancellations, alternative dates will be provided.
8. When a company has agreed to pay the course fee, it will be invoiced for the full 
amount. If the invoice is not paid, the participant will be responsible for the 
payment. The participant will not be able to attend the course until payment has been 
9. Applicants must be over 18 years old at the start of the course. 
10. Student ID cards are not issued.


Refund Policy

A. Withdrawals and refunds

Deaf First will refund a participant’s fees, minus a 10% administrative fee (minimum £10),
providing a withdrawal request is received in writing at least 10 working days before the start 
of the term: 


B. Exceptional circumstances for withdrawal and refund

Requests for withdrawal and refund received after the withdrawal & refund deadlines will be 
considered only in instances of exceptional circumstances. Changes in residence or personal 
income are not considered exceptional circumstances by Deaf First. 

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