Adult Education

At Deaf First we offer a range of opportunities for adult education. From our BSL classes to our free courses for Deaf adults we cover a wide range of different courses. As a result of this, we maintain a professional and approachable team of tutors specialising in working with Deaf adults. Our adult education tutors are all adept at working with Deaf people, being taken either from our regular and experienced staff or from the Deaf community itself. The Deaf First team has a tutor for every level of every course; there is no need we can’t match.


Free Courses for Deaf Adults

Our free courses for Deaf Adults are run mostly by adult education tutors taken from our stock of experienced CSWs. These are tutors with excellent levels of BSL as a result of years supporting Deaf students. This also leads to them having fantastic Deaf Awareness and excellent understanding of Deaf learning. Each of our current tutors have been with us for many years, and we pick only the most suitable from our already highly specialised staff. The tutors we employ are professional, friendly and approachable. We make sure to pick the right person for the right topic – our care and consideration when matching staff to its students is the hallmark of Deaf First’s service.

BSL Classes for Deaf and Hearing

Deaf First also provide BSL classes, both to the Deaf and to the hearing. Many of our BSL learners are hearing adults who wish to connect better with Deaf colleagues, friends or loved ones. We have a BSL course for every level of skill; our BSL Level 1 course is the perfect place to start your learning, and will involve learning basic skills for everyday conversation. The Level 1 classes have no entry requirements, meaning that anyone can apply! Our BSL Level 2 course follows directly on from Level 1, and will teach you new and more advanced skills. The tutors for both courses are friendly and used to dealing with signers of all different backgrounds and abilities. They are ready to encourage and support you throughout.


For more experienced signers we offer BSL Level 3 and BSL Level 6 courses. As with the previous levels you will have access to supportive and professional tutors. These courses are aimed mostly at those seeking to learn BSL at professional levels, with Level 6 qualifying a learner to train as an interpreter. As such, the tutors in these courses are experienced, dedicated and hard-working. Our tutors are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best results

Deaf First’s Promise

Deaf First are committed to ensuring that our students get the best support at affordable prices. We believe that quality education should be available to everyone, and both our professionalism and prices reflect that ideal. Our competitive rates mean you won’t have to break the bank to learn with us, and our free Deaf adult classes are our attempt to take this vision even further.

When you become a learner with Deaf First’s adult education branch you can be sure of the highest in care, quality and value in your learning.