Deaf First run courses designed for various medical professionals. We run courses for all kinds of healthcare staff, such as dentists, paediatricians, A&E, paramedics, GPs and more. Each course is custom designed for your team and can be held on-site at a location of your choosing. The overall goal of these courses will be to help you and your staff communicate, work and relate with Deaf people. This could take the form of some simple Deaf awareness for talking with lipreaders and partially hearing service users. It could also take the form of a more intensive, specialised course where you learn particular components of BSL. This kind of Deaf awareness and communication tactics could easily save a life. Topics we’d suggest you might want to cover include:

  • Basic greetings – how to introduce yourself in BSL.
  • General Deaf awareness – how is communicating with a Deaf patient different from a hearing one?
  • Prognosis, diagnosis and reports – practical BSL for communicating medical information.
  • Signing in an emergency – how to understand the urgency and nature of a situation from a Deaf person.

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