Deaf First support adults and young people throughout Education with CSWs, Notetakers, specialist TAs and Teachers of the Deaf. But even with these specialist staff available, there is still value in learning how to work with Deaf students and colleagues. These courses might be used to help school, college and University staff to work more closely alongside specialist Deaf support workers. They may also be used in recognition of the fact that there are circumstances were this support cannot be easily obtained. Receptionists, administrators, teachers and the safeguarding team may all find this course useful when working with Deaf and hard of hearing people. Our courses are tailored to the individual needs of your staff and company, and can be taken either on-site at your campus or in Deaf First’s training room. Some topics might include:

  • Basic navigation for the Deaf – helping BSL users find their classrooms and subjects.
  • Deaf Awareness – how to communicate with your Deaf students and their support.
  • Subject-specific BSL – telling your Deaf students what they need to know.
  • Safeguarding for the Deaf – how to talk to Deaf students about safeguarding issues.

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