Business and Corporate

Many businesses and corporations are beginning to learn the value of inclusivity and social awareness. As such, Deaf First offers a range of courses for those that want to access the Deaf market, anticipate working with the Deaf, or simply wish to ensure a Deaf-friendly environment in their workspace. Our courses are tailored specifically to your company and its needs, and can be held either on-site at your organisation or in Deaf First’s own training room. When working with varied companies, it is even more important than ever that we design our course around your requirements. That said, here are some places you might want to start:

  • Greetings in BSL – meeting and introducing yourself to people in a formal setting.
  • Professional vocabulary – how to use BSL to communicate in ways that are relevant to your business.
  • Deaf awareness training – dos and don’ts of communicating with signers, lipreaders and hard-of-hearing people.
  • Deaf communication tactics – ensuring Deaf clients and colleagues can understand you.

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