Art and leisure

Obviously many arts and leisure activities for Deaf people will specifically target them, or have advertised BSL events. However, this doesn’t mean that general staff won’t also benefit from training to work with Deaf patrons or clients. Our Art and Leisure courses might be appropriate for Theatre staff, exhibition workers, artists, venue staff, gym and swimming pool workers and many more. Each of our courses are tailor-designed around your particular organisation and needs, and can be held on-site in a place of your choosing. The general aim of these courses would be to develop and improve communication skills necessary for working with Deaf people in services ranging from hospitality to design. Putting on a Deaf music night in your bar? Hosting an exhibit for a Deaf artist? Even if your event has no particular relation to Deaf issues or culture, it still always helps to be Deaf-aware and capable of communicating effectively. Some things you may want your course to cover include:

  • Basic greetings, introductions and leave-taking in BSL.
  • Facial expression and body language – setting the right tone in communications.
  • Receiving orders and giving prices – buying and selling in BSL.
  • Answering simple and relevant questions for the Deaf public – professional relations with Deaf clientele.

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