British Sign Language Level 3

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Our BSL Level 3 course is for those who already have competence in BSL at Level 2. The learner will develop an advanced knowledge of the structure and function of British Sign Language and an understanding of the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture.

This qualification is accredited by Signature, and is divided into three units. By the end of the course the student will have the BSL skills necessary to operate independently and at an advanced level within the language.

All students who would like to do the BSL Level 3 will need to have an assessment. There is a non-refundable £39 fee for this assessment. This interview will be at the Deaf First offices. For those not able to travel to our premises the interview will be via webcam, Facetime or recording depending on circumstances.

All course are currently on hold.

The minimum age for all of Deaf First’s BSL courses is 16.


BSL Level 3 – Unit Specifications


This focus of this unit is on the grammar and linguistics of BSL as a language. It focuses on the syntax and language structure unique to BSL, and involves the theory of BSL as a language. It is instrumental in helping to develop the theoretical framework to inform the practical elements of the later two units.



The aim of this unit is for learners to learn and demonstrate how to understand a range of information in BSL. By the end of the course the learner will be able to follow conversations and instructions delivered at normal speed, and in a number of work and social situations. This unit covers the receptive skills of the learner.



This unit concentrates on the ability of the learner to use BSL. Like 321 it aims to teach the learner about using BSL in work and social settings, however this unit focuses on the ability of the learner to deliver their own information at normal speeds. The learner’s productive skills are tested in this unit, and it is taught alongside 321.

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Key Facts

  • Location
    Deaf First, Oak Lodge School
  • Date
  • Time
    Wednesday, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Cost
    £1,150. We have an instalment plan payable over 4 consecutive months. This instalment plan is weighted towards the first payment, to reduce the cost of the latter three payments.
  • Entry Requirements
    BSL Level 2 qualification.
  • Application Deadline

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