British Sign Language Level 2

We are currently accepting applications for March 2018!

Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment!.

Entry Requirements

Signature Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language is designed to enable learners to develop an ability to communicate with Deaf people using British Sign Language (BSL) in a range of familiar and work-related contexts, participating in longer and more open-ended exchanges than at Level 1.

This course will develop functional communication in BSL about a range of real life routine and daily experiences. The learner will be able to deal with most language tasks and have sufficient groups of grammar to cope with some non-routine tasks. Learners will be taught a number of regional variations in sign language.

Course Details

This qualification is divided into 3 units, each of which can be achieved separately. Candidates are required to pass all units to gain the qualifications BSL Level 2. BSL 201-Receptive Skills; BSL202-Production Skills; BSL 203-Conversation Skills.

Unit 201 candidates will assessed on their understanding of a story presented on a DVD.

Learners will also study two other themes out of the three optional themes above.  In Unit BSL201 learners will be assessed on the content of Theme 1 only. This is mandatory and learners must do this.

For Unit BSL202 learners will be assessed on the content of Theme 1 and the first choice of the optional themes. For Unit BSL203 learners will be assessed on the content of Theme 1 and the second choice of the optional themes.

Optional themes

Theme 2 Eating and Drinking Optional themes:
Theme 3 Spending and Shopping
Theme 4 Travel and Holidays

The theme chosen for BSL203 must be different to the theme chosen for BSL202.


BSL Level 2 starts in March 2018. Classes are held on Thursday evenings 6.00pm - 8.00pm. Places are limited book your place now!

Cost of Course

BSL Level 2 course 23 weeks -  2 hours per session - Course fee £402 + £140 (assessment and examination fee) - The total cost of the course is £542. Payments can be made using credit or debit card.

The course fee can be paid in full or installment plan to be paid within four consecutive monthly installments as illustrated below:


Payment by Installments
1st Installment £135.50
2nd Installment £135.50
3rd Installment £135.50
4th Installment £135.50
Total amount £542


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Refund Policy

If we do not receive your first payment before the course begins you will not be able to take your place. Course Fees are outlined on the Fee Schedule. Refunds will be made in the following circumstances – Course cancelation, withdrawal prior to commencement of course. To download and read the Deaf First refund policy. Click here for the full details.

Next Step:

Successful candidates can progress to BSL Level 3

If you require further information contact Deaf First

Email: bsl-df (AT) ( Please replace (AT) with @)

Phone 020 8675 9751 

Sms: 07481 569 295  

Fax: 020 8675 7457



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